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SCAD Interior design class visited Prestige Stone & Tile

On Wednesday, April 18th, Adjunct Professor of Interior Design ,Laura Merrill’s, Interior Design class visited Prestige Stone and Tile. During our visit we were exposed to a wide variety of products and information. The showroom is beautiful, with many exquisite tiling examples, ranging from sleek and modern to elegant and traditional. Sophia Schade was our expert showing us around. We were updated on the latest trends in kitchen and bath and were showed the mechanics of how these beautiful spaces come to life.

Sophia Schade went into great detail explaining the differences between products. We learned the difference between granite and quartz. Quartz is ground up granite and is then reconstituted with epoxy. This creates a more consistent color and marbling effect, and quartz is much stronger than granite. The different methods of joining cabinets was shown to us. The first being the simple staple, then the dovetail joint, and the interior furniture finish. She also explained that walk in showers are quickly replacing bath tubs, because they provide more ease of access.

After having such an impressive career in the home improvement industry, Sophia Schade talked about how the most important thing to learn as future designers is learning our client’s preferences and routines. Because the home is such a reflection of those who live there, it is so important that clients are open and willing to share.

With such amazing product and knowledgeable staff, Prestige Tile and Stone was an amazing and informative experience for future interior designers!


Tess Kulikowski






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