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Tile Floors

Whether you prefer Ceramic, Travertine, Granite, Glass, Glass Mosaic, Decorative, Slate, Natural Stone or Marble tile, an extensive selection awaits you at Prestige Stone & Tile. The options are amazing and Prestige Stone & Tile experts are prepared to help you make the choices that will provide durability and beauty your family will enjoy for years to come.

Natural Stone Floors

Prestige Stone & Tile has a huge selection of natural stone flooring products ranging from the typical marbles to the exotic imported onyx and Travertine.

Custom Kitchens

Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s a place where family, neighbors and loved ones gather to share meals and memories. Your kitchen should be functional, yet pleasant and inviting. If you love your home, but are not satisfied with your kitchen, Prestige Stone & Tile has a perfect solution for you!

Kitchen Backsplashes

No two backsplashes need to be alike. Kitchen backsplashes can be created from a variety of different materials. Marble, Quartz, ceramic tile, glass, stainless steel… the possibilities are endless.

Custom Bathrooms

Prestige Stone & Tile makes bathroom remodeling easy from start to finish. Our talented designers can help you create a dramatic powder room, a simple hall bath or an elaborate spa-like master bath. The rising popularity of the glamorous bathroom appears related to a lifestyle shift that includes a yearning for a room where you can get away from it all by yourself. Escape, comfort, retreat & indulgence are words that come to mind when we think of bathrooms – our havens for the mind, body & soul.


Prestige Stone & Tile is your home for top quality bathroom vanities complete with bathroom vanity sinks at very competitive prices. Just imagine antique bathroom vanities and modern bathroom vanities built with the highest quality materials and designed in timeless style gracing your bathroom for decades to come. We also provide linen cabinets to complete your bathroom style, design and remodel.

Bath & Showers

Prestige Stone & Tile delivers premium results at substantially less of a cost than major retailers. Our services are available to residential as well as commercial customers. Our professional installers are experts in providing precision measurements with optimum fit. We are dedicated to providing quality work, but most importantly, we are committed to providing the highest in quality service.